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So close that in Mussol you can smell the fire. A smell that can be understood without words, because we associate it with moments of enjoyment, which unlock some memory: Sundays with the family, the village fireplace, the calçotadas with the gang...

Mussol is one of the few spaces in Barcelona with an open grill. You can come closer and see its sparkle, or keep an eye on it from your table from where you can observe the rhythm of our kitchen and hear, among the noises of appliances, the resounding “yes, chef!” of the team.

Mussol is a Catalan ember from Barcelona. We have been and continue to be, part of and witness to the moments between friends, family, couples, celebrations... with the aim of making you enjoy good Catalan gastronomy with quality products.

We are not pretentious, but despite being rooted in our values, we like to add our unique touch.


As for products with Catalan cuisine origins, in Mussol we cut cod: Viladecans calçots, Calaf eggs, Folgueroles bread, butifarra from St. Esteve from Palautordera, cheeses from Berguedà, carquinyolis from l'Espluga de Francolí or DO wines: Empordà, Montsant, Costers del Segre... and good ingredients to be close to the trends.

Traditions can be reinvented, as is the case with sardana or wine in a barrel, but the origin must last.



At Mussol we never run out or say no to dishes from the garden.

We like the garden and we have it close by.
This way we guarantee that our vegetables are really fresh. Not just seasonal.

We didn't invent garlic soup, but we have a knack for lighting the fire and giving our vegetables just the right touch of embers.

In Mussol, from the garden to the grill.



We are as much from Barcelona as talking about mountains to the top and sea to the bottom. We were born and put down roots here, and that makes us temperamental: we are open and welcoming. In our menu you can almost smell the vegetable garden that we have almost at home. We're hot on the grill, with slowly cooked plates, products with denominations and a well-set table where there's always a glass of wine and good company.

Strong roots always make you grow. Tradition makes Mussol.



We already know each other, right? We were at your first calçotada (and we're still loyal there...), that Christmas, the first of many uni dinners, your first date, when you had the first one before the theater and the dinner after, the lunches "express" with those from work, birthday nights, meetings with friends and Sundays with the family... Big and small moments make Mussol.

Look around you, because there is always a Mussol near you.

Have fun!


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