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At Mussol we have a strong social and environmental commitment, which is why we work with local suppliers, we are committed to social integration and we have a strong commitment to responsible consumption.


AN GRUP with the social inclusion of future chefs!

Angie Puget, a student at the Fundació El Llindar (L'Hospitalet de Llobregat) has won the final of the Social Award that is given as part of the Josep Lladonosa Gastronomic Awards program, the 'masterchef' who is looking for the best student of Catalan cuisine.

The Lladonosa Awards are a gastronomic competition (kitchen and dining room) that is called in tribute to the Catalan cook and renowned chef Josep Lladonosa i Giró (1938), for his great research work on Catalan gastronomic culture, which documents since the Middle Ages.


In the section of the competition dedicated to social inclusion, Training and Work is driving and invites inclusive companies such as AN GRUP, and social entities from all over Catalonia, to participate in selecting the best cook and waiter in the Catalan social sphere . Therefore, the participants are people in a vulnerable situation with gastronomic training offered by third sector entities.

The event was held with the support of the Dept. of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda, the ESHOB school and the sponsorship of Brothers Torres, among other renowned chefs.


At Mussol we bet on the use of public transport

Our restaurants are located in areas easily accessible by public transport. Thus, we encourage our customers and workers to use it and avoid other polluting means of transport.

Through our website, you will see how you can access our restaurants by public transport (train, bus, metro or railways).

By facilitating access to public transport we want to:


Minimize resource consumption


Reduce the carbon footprint


Facilitate freedom of choice in the mode of transport

We believe that accessibility is a key factor for social inclusion

Our establishments are accessible and have services adapted to reduced mobility.

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