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The essence of the Mussol restaurants are the meat and vegetables with the special smoked taste from our charcoal grill, which enhances their taste and tinge, and gives them their special character. But that’s not all. Ever since our origins, we wished to offer and we believed in the products of our land, our traditional recipes, our customs and manners in the kitchen: the cannelloni, the escalibada (grilled bell peppers and eggplant), the escargots, the coca de recapte (a kind of focaccia topped with grilled vegetables and anchovies) , the romesco sauce, the Orelletes de festa major (a traditional sugar fluffy pastry), our legendary crema catalana, etc…

Each ingredient included in our dishes is there for a reason. We’ve been serving our coca del Mossen bread for over 30 years, and we found it in Folgueroles, a tiny village in the Osona county. We toast it on our grill and we rub it with ripe tomatoes, slice by slice, in the traditional way, which makes it really delicious! Also, our fresh vegetables, specially grown for us by trustful local farmers. Their farming hasn’t always been organic, but we always select their most natural and healthiest products.

Each one of our meats has its history. We spend a lot of time choosing the best cuts in our territory, and they’re always sure to delight our customers: our famous Montseny sausage, the Osona veal and the Ripollès lamb, among others.

But the Mussol cuisine, made of grill, tradition, quality and local products, goes a step further. We updated it and added a new approach to the ingredients, the presentations, the colors and the recipes, to enhance their character and to refresh them to suit new generations and new tastes. We wanted all our guests to be fully satisfied. This includes, of course, our youngest guests and anybody who suffers special intolerances or food allergies… They also know that at the Mussol restaurants we always take good care of them.

The Mussols are not only places to eat, they’re also places to drink! In our cellars, we have a great variety of wines, mostly selected among the eleven Catalan designations of origin (Priorat, Empordà-Costa Brava, Alella, Terra Alta, Montsant, Penedès, Catalunya, Costers del Segre, Pla de Bages, Tarragona and Conca de Barberà), alongside others from a variety of different latitudes.

Start thinking what you’re going to order…, such a great variety to choose from!

Delicious Catalan cuisine!

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