Among friends
"Pedralbes Center Mall, shopping and eating”

Commerce is an integral part of the historical tradition of Barcelona and is one of the most important aspects of our identity. Nowadays, Barcelona is a city characterized by its dynamic

local commerce, which plays an important role in our economy and in the social life of our neighborhoods. Yet Barcelona does not have only one style of commerce; in fact, one of the most enriching things about its commerce is its variety. And shopping centers provide an array of options for everyone.

Pedralbes Center is one of the pioneers. Inaugurated in 1989, this year it celebrates its 18th birthday. Due to the fact that it is neither excessively big nor includes other leisure activities,

it happens to be just the right size for our city, departing from a model perhaps much too American for our Mediterranean character.

The virtual commercial zone where Pedralbes Center is located, which includes hotels, other shops and department stores, is backboned by the wide, shady sidewalk of the Diagonal, inviting one to walk along window shopping. As a neighbor in the area and as a former representative of the Corts neighborhood, I have witnessed the dozens, hundreds of people always wandering around this area.

It is this urbanism that characterizes Barcelona, where the shops of our streets invite us to wander and meet, making way for friendliness and cordiality between neighbors. Even with the changing times, Pedralbes Center has managed to remain a forerunner in shopping centers, constantly renovating itself and always striving for quality. Yet even more important, in addition to being an innovative and pioneering shopping center, it is highly appreciated in the area, with which it had continued to evolve.